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Senhe High-Tech and Guohuan Tsinghua Sign Major Strategic Agreement and Jointly Build Gold Brand of "Green Mine, Environment-friendly Gold Metallurgy"!

In March28, Guangxi Senhe HighTechnology CO., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as Senhe High-Tech) and BeijingGuohuan Tsinghua Environmental Engineering Design&Research InstituteCo.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Guohuan Tsinghua) signed strategiccooperation agreement in Nanning to conduct comprehensive cooperation inenvironmental protection sector.

Inrecent years, as the national requirement on environmental protection increasesgradually, gold mine enterprises are faced with greater environmentalprotection pressure. Green transformation development has become an urgentproblem to enterprises. This time, Senhe High-Tech makes good use of GuohuanTsinghua's advantages in environment engineering technology, R&D andengineering design. Two sides build industry-university-research cooperation onthe basis of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation; integrateresources and provide complete environmental protection service plan for mines;resolve the problems of tailings from the source; establish more demonstrativegreen mine enterprises for the industry and deeply fulfill the significantconviction that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluableassets" advocated by the General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Sinceits establishment in April, 2011, Senhe High-Tech has been consistentlydedicating to serving gold mine production sector and focusing on technologicalR&D of environment-friendly gold metallurgy in gold dressing industry. Itis the largest manufacturer of environment-friendly gold metallurgy new materialsand maintains long-term cooperative relation with China National Gold MineGroup, Zhaoyuan Gold Group, Shandong Gold Group, Western Gold, Zijin MiningGroup and some other large-scale Gold production Enterprises in China. JinchanEnvironmental-friendly Gold Dressing Agent, the product developed individuallyby the company, has provided services for nearly one thousand gold enterprisesin the world and successfully helped them achieve the transformation forwardgreen safety production. The product has been sold to southeast Asia, Africa,America, continental Asia, continental Europe and other foreign mine regions.

GuohuanTsinghua is the wholly-owned enterprise of Tsinghua University, engaged inenvironment services. It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, whose majorbusiness includes 3 major business sectors such as disposal of solid waste andenvironment restoration, environmental impact review and environmentalplanning, water treatment and water environment comprehensive treatment andenvironment comprehensive service, and research and development servicethroughout the above. The company has relatively perfect professionalqualification in environmental protection design and consulting sectors,including A-level qualification of environmental impact review, A-level ofoperation on environment pollution control facility and so on.

LiKeqiang, Prime Minister of the State Council, stated in the Work of Governmentin March5, "maintain development led by innovation, cultivate and enhancenew drivers" and "strengthen pollution control and ecologicalconstruction, vigorously push forward green development" is the work andtask of government in 2019. Technological innovation and green development isnot only the necessary task for enterprise development, but also one of themajor developing trends of the industry. Senhe High-Tech and Guohuan Tsinghua makeuse of their advantages to increase technological innovation, build a goldbrand as technology innovation enterprise, offer better services for mineenterprises, establish a benchmarking service in the industry and assist withthe industry's green development. They provide customized green mine solutionand help enterprises in the industry with green transformation by improvingstandardized services of mine production and materials process.

Foryears, Senhe High-Tech has been focusing on technology innovation ofenvironment-friendly gold metallurgy. Strong cooperation with Guohuan Tsinghuathis time will provides greener and cleaner environmental protection solutionfor tailing disposal of gold industry. TechnicalRegulation on Cyanide Residue Pollution Control in Gold Industry executedfrom March1, 2018 regulates the pollution control and supervision systemrequirement on cyanide residue generated by gold ore cyaniding, goldconcentrate cyaniding and cyanide leaching in gold industry during restoration,transportation, decyanation treatment, use and disposal, and raises morenormalized requirement on environment-friendly gold metallurgy of goldenterprises. Environment-friendly gold metallurgy technology will become themajor developing trend of the industry. Through this cooperation, SenheHigh-Tech will enhance technology innovation, help gold industry ease relianceon cyaniding process and thoroughly implement the enterprise's developmentconviction as "Green Mine, Environment-friendly Gold Metallurgy" onthe original basis.

QueShandong, president of Senhe High-Tech, Liu Xin, general manager of SenheHigh-Tech and Wang Liang, vice president of Guohuan Tsinghua attended thesigning ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement.