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【Ropost from China Gold Daily】Fight for Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains in New Times

Fightfor Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains in New Times

--Documentaryof Guangxi Senhe High Technology Co.,Ltd.'s Development

In southwest China, lies a city--Nanning, which wascalled Yongzhou in ancient times, with evergreen seasons and high-qualityenvironment and wins a reputation as "green city".

Located in Nanning, Guangxi Senhe High TechnologyCO., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as Senhe High-Tech) has a similar gracefulspirit with the city, regards the promotion and application ofenvironment-friendly gold metallurgy agent as its mission and contribute itsefforts to building a beautiful China.

In recent years, as adjustment of nationalenvironmental protection policies and reduction of quality mine resources,Chinese gold mine enterprises face growing environmental protection andoperation pressures. How to effectively extract gold resources and ensure afriendly environment at the same time becomes a must-to-consider question ofthe industry's healthy development.

Against this backdrop,environment-friendly gold dressing agent gradually becomes accepted by majorgold mine enterprises. Then, Jinchan® environment-friendly gold dressing agent developed by Senhe High-Tech becomes acommon choice for the public. Jinchan® environment-friendly golddressing agent is the first high-tech product in the world that completelytakes the place of sodium cyanide in the use of gold metallurgy. It is thepatent product of "gold metallurgy" and also the most mature andwidely-applied environment-friendly gold metallurgy agent.

This year marks the 40th anniversary ofReform and Opening up and the 60th anniversary of establishment ofGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Over these years, people of all ethnic groupsin Guangxi build a beautiful and prosperous Guangxi, with the ecologicalcivilization specially enhanced, and open up a road of green development withGuangxi characteristics, high-quality industry, well-off citizens, beautifulenvironment and happy people.

Senhe High-Tech is originated from a high technologyenterprise in Nanning. It contributes to building the gold brand of Guangxi'slucid water and lush mountains through its "green mission" andstrives for the green development of gold industry.

A new blood emerged from Guangxi

Established in 2011, SenheHigh-Tech is a new blood in the industry. However, for only a few years, theyoung company has received good reputation and acceptance from both inside andoutside the gold industry. By far, customers of Senhe High-Tech includedomestic major gold enterprises like China National Gold Mine Group, ShandongGold Group, Zijin Mining Group, Zhaoyuan Gold Group and Lingbao Gold and itsproducts have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, America, continentalAsia and continental Europe and other foreign mine areas.

In the past, Guangxi Tianlin Gaolong Gold MiningIndustry Co.,Ltd. of China National Gold Mine Group used sodium cyanide toextract gold. Faced with pressures on environmental protection, it began toapply Jinchan® environment-friendly gold dressing agent since 2015and has obtained good economic benefits and environment benefits. Xiao Guosen,the former general manager of the company, spoke highly of Senhe High-tech,"They did very well."

Zhang Yongtao, deputy director of China GoldAssociation, also appreciated Jinchan agent, he stated: "Compared with thepure sodium cyanide, the Jinchan product's effect is good and contributes toenvironmental protection, especially the later period in dressingprocess."

Que Shandong, president of Senhe High-Tech, told thereporter, there are 6 important issues that should be enlisted into the historyof Senhe High-Tech:

In April 2011, Jinchan® environment-friendly gold dressing agent came to its appearance officially; InAugust 2012, the company obtains the patent grant of Jinchanenvironment-friendly gold dressing agent; In November 2012, Mingyang productionbase covering 100 Mu went into operation; In August 2013, the company wasawarded National High Technology Enterprise; In August 2015, the company wentto new OTC market, the stock code is 833291; In September 2017, the companyfinished A-round financing at RMB 450 million valuation.

The historical development of Senhe High-Tech isengraved into these records.

Due to the solid work, over 7 years, Senhe High-Techgrows from a small company. It not only obtained favor of capital market, butalso wins vigorous support and acceptance of government. Its achievementincludes certificate of scientific and technological achievements, First Prizeof Nanning Technology Innovation Award, Technology Innovation Fund for NanningMiddle and Small Technological Enterprise, 2014 Investment Prize for MajorIndustrial Technology Reform Projects, Nanning Scientific Research andTechnological Development Plan, Guangxi Scientific Research and Technological DevelopmentPlan, 2015 Quality Industry Award and Listing Award of Nanning EconomicDevelopment Zone, 2017 Special Fund for Industry and Information Development inAutonomous Region, and Nanning Technology Enterprise Certification Center. Ithas been rewarded as Excellent Service Provider in Chinese Gold Industry fortwo successive years(2016-2018).

These achievements mainly rely on an excellent teamfostered by Senhe High-Tech.

Que Shandong stated that Senhe High-Tech maintainspeople first, attaches great importance at staff cultivation and advocates teamwork. "Employees are the most significant assets to enterprise's development.Our company focuses on each employ's development and career plan and builds uphighly efficient and quality teams."

By far, the company has completed the constructionof production base at the first session, established R&D center with strongtechnological strength and workshop covering 20,000 square meters with perfectproduction and restoration functions, and appointed a dozen of senior developers.It conducts close cooperation with universities at home and abroad to carry outtechnological research on major scientific and research projects and reservessolid strength for upgrading and R&D of technology.

A new star is rising vigorously!

Lighten the future of gold mining industry withgreen technology

In August1, 2016, the new National Dangerous Waste List stipulates that "the cyanidedtailings generated during gold dressing process with cyanide" aredangerous waste. Environmental ProtectionTax Law of the People's Republic of China, executed from January 1, 2018,stipulates that environmental protection tax shall be collected on dangerouswaste at 1,000 Yuan/ton. Suddenly, the gold enterprises applying cyanide facethe watershed of life and death.

Gold metallurgy process with cyanide has a longhistory of over 100 years and dominates the global gold industry due to itssimple process and high recovery rate of gold. The majority of domestic goldmining enterprises and smelting enterprises depended on the use of cyanide.According to statistics, over 85% of Chinese finished gold productionenterprises adopt gold dressing process with cyanide, which generates about 100million tons of cyanide residue annually in China.

TechnicalSpecification of Cyanide Residue Pollution Control in Gold Industry issued in March22, 2018 gave a chance of breath to gold enterprises. To developa non-cyanide or low cyanide process turns to be a major trend of the industryand creating an agent to replace sodium cyanide is one of the importantchoices.

"I have worked in the gold mining industry formany years and I understand the danger in purchasing, transporting, managingand using sodium cyanide and the harm of sodium cyanide to environment."Que Shandong comprehends clearly the operation situation of the industry,that's why he coordinates with several senior experts in the industry todevelop the innovative environment-friendly gold dressing agent to replacepoisonous sodium cyanide.

At that year, Que Shandong bore idealism and walkedout a totally different path. However, the reality could hardly live up to theideal. At first, the R&D process of Que Shandong and his counterparts wentthrough countless hardships.

In 2006, they built up a relatively completelaboratory on a leased place, purchased various chemical materials andexperimental facilities and began to develop and test low-poisonous andenvironment-friendly gold dressing agent. After repeated tests and improvementsfor a long time, they finally worked out the environment-friendly dressingagent at initial stage. They were excited and delivered the research findingsto some private mines in Guangxi for trials, and kept improving the productparameters according to feedbacks.

During this period, they often communicated anddiscussed with their counterparts in Guangxi Metallurgical Institute andBeijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Institute and followed up with informationof relevant sectors at home and abroad. At later period, they conducted trialproduction and provided for users for trials.

Constant repetition and failures did not hit theirresolution. After practical production and technological improvement for 3-4years, they finally submitted application of patent for invention to NationalIntellectual Property Administrationin November22,2010 .

"Our environment-friendlygold dressing agent has filled up the gap in environment-friendly goldmetallurgy sector at home and abroad. For 7-year market development, our producthas by far stimulated certain reputation and fame in gold production sector,with broad market both at home and abroad." Speaking of presentachievement, Que Shandong is pretty proud.

As far as the reporter knows, Jinchan® environment-friendly gold dressing agent can directly replace sodium cyanide inthe production process of gold oxidized ore, original mine, sulfuric acidresidue, gold powder and anode slime without modifying the original process andfacility of "cyanide metallurgy". The leaching rate of gold is closeto that of sodium cyanide and Jinchan's stability is higher than that oftraditional environment-friendly gold leaching agent such as thiourea and limesulphur. These advantages are effective solution on present gold enterprises'mission as "lucid water and lush mountains and assets are bothimportant".

Meanwhile, another advantage of Jinchanenvironment-friendly gold dressing agent lies in the certification conducted bytesting center of Shanghai Chemical Institute and Guangzhou Analysis andTesting Center, which has certified that Jinchan belongs to ordinary good. As aresult, the dangerous elements in gold dressing process will be reduced greatlyand the product will become the "anchor of stability" of gold safetyproduction.

The future is waiting for them

For a period of time, the gold mining industrycaused huge waste and damage to resources and the environment pollution inmines grew seriously due to extensive exploitation pattern. Employment ofsodium cyanide in gold metallurgy process and cyanide residues discharged testthe wisdom and ecological responsibility of people work in this industry.

The General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized atNational Ecological and Environmental Protection Conference that the nationshall integrate the economic and social development with ecological civilizationdevelopment, fully make use the solid material basis stimulated by reform andopening up for 40 years, strengthen to push forward ecological civilizationconstruction, resolve ecological and environmental problems, resolutely carryout pollution control battle and boost national ecological civilizationconstruction.

Both the nation's resolution to strive forecological civilization and the future development of the industry requiresgold mining industry to select better gold metallurgy process. 

People inside the industry hold that new timesdemand quality development. We should take initiatives to transform the"risks" into "opportunities", carry on process innovation,realize low cyanide, few cyanide and even non-cyanide through improvement ongold metallurgy process and completely remove gold industry's reliance oncyanide process.

While Senhe High-Tech's Jinchan® environment-friendly gold dressing agent conforms to the requirement of newtimes. Que Shandong maintains that the wide application of environmentalprotection products shall conform to the major trend as "clean productionwith stricter environmental protection" in China and World\s industrialsectors.

This year marks the 60th anniversary ofestablishment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Over 60 years, Guangxi hasbroken through the constraint of rigid ideas and obstacles of old systems,composed a chapter of new times and converged new driver of development.

As a high technology enterprise emerging fromGuangxi, Senhe High-Tech inherits the perseverance and bears a big goal: Tobecome the largest global high technology enterprise specialized in R&D,production and sales of environment-friendly gold dressing agent.

To achieve the goal, Senhe High-Tech will keepinvesting in R&D, reserve new technology, realize upgrading of products,improve products property, enrich products variety, better satisfy customersdemand, quickly occupy the market at home and abroad, and achieve the company'srapid growth and grand goal.

The goal signifies Senhe High-Tech's strength.

According to Que Shandong, as a major scientifictechnology investment project in Guangxi province, the company invests 230million Yuan in production project of Jinchan gold dressing agent covering 100Mu with 10 tons annual output in Guangxi Mingyang industrial region. So far,the company has successfully completed the construction of production base atsecond session. "We will remain true to our original aspiration andprovide assistance in achieving gold production enterprises' healthy andsustainable development with quality products and services and contribute toGuangxi's economic development." Que Shandong said.

The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, thevast sky lets birds fly freely. The future is waiting for rapid development ofSenhe High-tech.