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Guangxi Senhe High Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Senhe Mining Technology Co., Ltd.) was found in Apr. 2011, it is the largest professional high-tech enterprise in the world specializing in the research and development of technology of environment-friendly gold ore-dressing products,and its production and sales.  

Our product Jinchan® Gold Ore-dressing Agent has completely independent intellectual property rights, and it can completely take the place of sodium cyanide in the use of gold metallurgy. It has been authorized many encouragements and honor such as Guangxi Technology Achievement Appraisal, Guangxi Technology Innovation Fund, Guangxi Technology Invention Award and so on. At present, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with China National Gold Mine Group, Shandong Gold Group, Zhaoyuan Gold Group, Zijin Mine Group and some other large-scale Gold production Enterprises in the world. The product not only can improve the economic efficiency of gold manufactures, but also can appease the detriment brought to human living environment by development of the gold-metallurgy industry, truly live up to the idea of “Green Mine, Environment-friendly Gold Metallurgy”.

As one of the most important investment projects of Guangxi Province, we are constructing a new production base which total area is 65000 m2 and can produce 100000 tons Jinchan® Gold Ore-dressing Agent per year in Guangxi Mingyang Industrial Park and it is invested about 230 million YUAN. We will serve the vast majority of customers all over the world with state-of-the-art production control, physical distribution and specialized technical team!